1896 Pennsylvania Archives Series 2 & 3, Militia Rolls Church Records Whiskey,

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26 Volume set of Pennsylvania Archives
These are parts of the second and third series.

Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series: In its nineteen volumes this series, contains varied and diverse materials; militia rolls and church records are prominent, but there are as well the minutes of the Board of War and those of the Navy Board, both of 1777, and much on the Wyoming Controversy with Connecticut and on the Whiskey Insurrection. Edited by John B. Linn and Dr. William Henry Egle through Volume XII, and by Dr. Egle alone for the remainder of the series. Issued 1874-1890.

In the second series we have 18 of 19 volumes Vol. V I; Vol. II; Vol. III; Vol. IV; Vol V; Vol. VI; Vol. VIII; Vol. IX; Vol. X; Vol. XI; Vol. XII; Vol. XIII; Vol. XIV; Vol. XV; Vol. XVI; Vol. XVIL; Vol. XVIII; Vol. XIX

Pennsylvania Archives, Third Series: The first twenty-six volumes of this series resemble closely those of the Second Series, while the last four volumes consist of an index to the sixteen volumes immediately preceding. Filled for the most part with militia rolls and lists of land warrantees and taxables, this series does contain some materials of a more general nature, such as a discussion of Virginia's claims to western Pennsylvania, and an account of the Donation Lands. Edited by Dr. Egle (I-XXVI) with four index volumes edited by Dr. George Edward Reed. Issued 1894-1899.

In the third series we have 8 of the 30 volumes; Vol. 1; Vol. II; Vol. III; Vol. IV; Vol. V (missing front cover); Vol. VI; Vol. VII; Vol. IX

These measure 8 1/2" top to bottom, 6 1/4" side to side and 1 1/2" thick.

These wonderfully old books were rescued from an old dusty attic. They are in fair readable condition but have dirt and dust. The spines are all damaged and many have loose covers.  The pages do have some light foxing and you may find some handwriting from the original owner.
Add this to your antique book collection today!


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