Blue Ceramic Porcelain Metal Pin Insulator, High Voltage Post Insulator A,

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Stop and take a look at this Distinctive Ceramic Pin Insulator.

Light blue in color, this banded Insulator measures approximately 6” in diameter at the bands widest point. The top has a significant piece missing and measures approximately 3.5” in diameter. The base measures approximately 5.5” in diameter and this Insulator measures approximately 12.25” from top to bottom.

In addition to the damage to the top, there are some scratches and blemishes present that can be attributed to age and wear. There is “speckling” and some minor flaws in the glazing that appear to have occurred during manufacturing. Please carefully review the listing images to fully appreciate this items condition.

Solid with a little weight to it, this item has many possible uses – “Watt” would you do with this unique piece?

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