Watt Pottery Cherry Salt Shaker, Vintage Kitchen, Cherry Decor, Vintage Pottery,

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This Cute Watt Pottery Salt Shaker with the Cherry decor, not only has cherries on the shake but also a cherry blossom on the shaker. It measures approximately 2 3/8" in diameter and 4 1/4" top to bottom.

The Watt Pottery is a must have for any collection. The holes in the top of the shaker are spaced out in the shape of an (S) to identify that this is the salt shaker. This is a beautiful addition to have to any decor. Needing to add that extra cute touch to your cherry collection, brighten up your kitchen, or just that something extra to your decor.

As shown in the pictures it does not have the stopper at the bottom to hold the salt in the container. The soda can that is taken with the picture to educate on the size of the salt shaker. The other props that are in the pictures do not come with the shaker.

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