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2 Flat Cast Iron Grates Fretwork Vent Covers Air Return Architectural Salvage O,

2 Flat Cast Iron Grates Fretwork Vent Covers Air Return Architectural Salvage O,

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Take a look at these two Vintage Cast Iron grates.

Measuring approximately 12.0” side to side, 0.5” front to back and 5.75” top to bottom these grates were acquired by way of architectural salvage. They are cast iron and as such have some surface rust. Each grate has a small “peg-like” extension at each of the four corners and in some instances, one or more of these “pegs” may be missing or damaged. In this listing one of the grates is missing three of the "pegs" so the over all side to side measurement is approximately 1.0" less than recorded for a complete grate. The consumer is encouraged to carefully examine the listing images to fully appreciate the condition of these items.  

Whether used as channel drain covers, floor grates or as the foundation to a Rustic or Country Cottage crafting project. These grates would be GREAT for any project!

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